Wednesday, 20 November 2013

''The Guardian''- Book Review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: 2003

Genres: Novel, Romance, Thriller

Rating: 5 out of 5


The Guardian is the best Nicholas Sparks book that I have read, till now. It was such an intense story, such a wonderful mixture of romance and thriller! And the characters... such memorable characters, such excellently developed characters! I just loved this novel!

The protagonist, Julie, is a widowed woman. She lives with her dog, Singer, in a small town named Swansboro, and works in a hair salon. She starts dating a handsome engineer, Richard Franklin, and though they have a comfortable relationship, Julie starts feeling Richard is not, somewhat, the right person for her.

Work causes Richard to leave the town for a few days, and in that time, Julie gets more close to her best friend, Mike. Gradually, she discovers that she is in love with Mike, and Mike shares the feelings. When Richard returns a few days later, she tells him that she loves Mike, and they (she and Richard) should stop seeing each other.

Mike and Julie spend some happy days. But the comfort suddenly disappears as Julie starts getting mysterious phone calls. She comes to realize that Richard wants to take revenge, he wants to get her back. Richard's actions start to get dangerous, intense, and Julie and Mike and their other friends live with constant fear... 

Officer Jennifer Romanello investigates the case, and over the time, she finds out more about Richard, about his past, his background... and as the story keeps getting intense...

I just loved this novel! It was really so intense, such a pageturner! The first part, where Mike and Julie realize their love for each other, was really very sweet, and this love story was quite different from the typical Nicholas Sparks romances.

From the time when Richard starts his dangerous plans, the novel starts getting intense, thrilling, scary!

The characters were memorable. Most of them. I think that this novel has the most memorable cast of characters among the Nicholas Sparks novels that I've read. I'll first discuss the positive characters. Our protagonist Julie is sweet , and she has become my second favorite Nicholas Sparks heroine, after Katie of ''Safe Haven''. Mike was really sweet as well. And then I really, really, really liked Officer Jennifer Romanello. I loved how she was so understanding, that she really cared about Julie and Mike. I really liked how she works hard to find out about Richard's past and his background. And then there were Julie's caring friends: Mabel, Emma, and Henry. And then there was Singer, Julie's dog. Singer was really so sweet!

Richard... he was a well developed villain, and readers start hating him as his past starts to get revealed.

''The Guardian'' was really a page-turner, an absolutely intense, engrossing novel that I could not put down! It's a beautiful, amazing novel. I loved it!

5 out of 5

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