Sunday, 10 July 2016

''The Theory of Everything'' (2014 film)- Review

Directed by: James Marsh
Released: 2014
Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Biographical, Romantic drama

Rating: 4 out of 5


''The Theory of Everything'' is the story of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and his first wife Jane (Felicity Jones). The film spans years and begins when Stephen is a PhD student at Cambridge. He meets Jane, who is a student of languages and could not be more different from him. Eventually, the two very different people fall in love. Its a beautiful, beautiful affair, but things take a different turn when Stephen comes to know that he has motor neuron disease, which will eventually make it impossible for him to talk or walk, and he is expected to live for a maximum of two years. The young Stephen is deterred, he loses all hope, but then in steps Jane. Jane, who deeply loves Stephen, wants him to continue his studies and hard work in spite of his disease. She encourages him, and eventually decides to marry him, to the surprise of everyone. In a very memorable scene in the film, Jane tells Stephen's father that she may seem softhearted but she is strong enough to take care of and encourage the person she loves. 

Spanning several years, ''The Theory of Everything'' focuses, firstly, on the relationship between Stephen and Jane. Secondly, the things that Stephen accomplishes one after another, in spite of his serious illness. Thirdly, the problems and complexities that Jane faces over the course of the years. While the film focuses greatly on how Stephen deals with the situation he is in and defying all challenges, continues his hard work and research, the film is also as much about Jane as it is about Stephen. Jane has her own struggles, her own emotional ups and downs, her own challenges. Its a film that deals with the challenges faced by Stephen and Jane: Stephen dealing with his physical and emotional challenges, while Jane, over the years, goes through complexities of her own and faces them bravely. I admired both of them. I admired both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. They were perfect in their roles. Really.

''The Theory of Everything'' is a deeply moving film: its about the bond between two people who, many years ago, had fallen in love. No, they do not remain the carefree university students that they were in the beginning of the movie. Lots of things change, their lives change.  While the romance between the two of them might not have remained constant, their love story is something that might not have always remained the same and many changes came to their lives but the basis of it, their emotional bond and respect for each other, always remained.

 4 out of 5

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