Thursday, 16 March 2017

''Bringing Up Baby'' (1938 film)- Review

Directed by: Howard Hawkes
Released: 1938
Country: United States 

Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


''Bringing Up Baby'' was such a hilarious ride! It was really funny, sending me into feats of laughter every other minute. I laughed all the way and really admired the film.

''Bringing Up Baby'' is about a paleontologist, Dr David Hoxley (played by Cary Grant), who is about to receive a huge donation for his museum from a very wealthy woman. However, things go wrong during his meeting with the lawyer representing the woman when he comes across the eccentric, happy-go-lucky, carefree Susan Vance (played by Katherine Hepburn), who hilariously distracts him and sways him away from his meeting with the lawyer. But his accidental meeting with Susan leads him to a series of hilarious adventures and misadventures, involving not only him and Susan but also a tame leopard called Baby who was sent to Susan by her brother Mark. 

I cannot describe how much the film made me laugh. It was so funny, so hilarious, so goofy. Every single incident in the story, right from the very beginning, sent me into feats of laughter. The screenplay, the dialogues: everything is so excellent, so magnificent. I loved every single thing about the film; I kept laughing out loud. Katherine Hepburn is unforgettable in her goofy role as Susan. It is such a memorable, hilarious character. Cary Grant, as the mild-mannered David, is brilliant too. The two look so sweet together, apart from the hilarity that the two characters cause. There are supporting characters too- quite a lot of them- who remain memorable as well, all contributing to the story. And there is the leopard Baby, played by a trained leopard called Nissa: he too gave such an amazing performance and looked really cute indeed!
This is an excellent screwball comedy that I would highly recommend!   

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