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''The Best Years of Our Lives'' (1946 movie)- Review

Directed by: William Wyler
Released: 1946
Country: United States

Cast: Myrna Loy, Fredric March, Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright, Harold Russell, Virginia Mayo, Cathy O'Donnell

Genre: War drama, Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5


''The Best Years of Our Lives'' is a beautiful, amazing film! It's a post-World War II story about three men who have returned from war, and find many things changed in their lives. It deals with the emotional journey of these three men, their moments of joys, sorrows, disappointments, difficulties to deal with the changes.

The three men are Fred Drerry (Dana Andrews), a young man who had been married for less than a month when he had to enlist, Al Stephenson (Frederic March), a successful banker with a happy little family, and Homer (Harold Russell), who had lost his hands in the war and now has to use hooks for hands.

After returning home, Fred discovers that his wife, Marie (Virginia Mayo), took a job at a nightclub while he was away. Fred persuades Marie to quit her job. However, their relationship soon start to deteriorate as Fred can earn much less than the amount he used to earn before his war. On the other, Al finds that his children, though still as loving and caring as they were before, have grown up. They have changed much, and many of their habits have changed. Homer is given a very warm welcome at his house, but he is heartbroken to find that everybody treats him in a very caring way because he has lost his hands... 

Fred and his wife's relation start to deteriorate, and Fred falls in love with Peggy (Teresa Wright), Al's daughter. This gives rise to a difficult situation. Peggy also loves Fred, and can sense that his marriage is difficult, but her parents don't quite approve of Peggy's feelings for Fred...

The film tells the story of these three characters; it's the story of their life after they return from the war. It's sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting; sometimes it's depressing, and sometimes it's very feel-good.

This is a film where you love the characters. I really liked the characters, especially Fred, Homer, Peggy, Milly, and Al. The performances were splendid, and I especially found Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright, Myrna Loy and Harold Russell very remarkable. Teresa Wright as Peggy is perfectly adorable. Harold Russell won two Academy Awards for his role as Homer: one for Best Supporting Actor and an Honorary Oscar.

 The screenplay is excellent, the cinematography is noteworthy, the story is wonderful, the cast and characters were wonderful, and overall, it's a wonderful film, an emotional, really touching film.

5 out of 5



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