Monday, 17 March 2014

''Frozen'' (2013 movie)- Review

Directed by: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Released: 2013
Country: United States

Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


''Frozen'' was indeed a wonderful film! Beautiful visuals, amazing songs and score, a magical, sweet story, and an excellent screenplay- it is certainly one of best films of 2013.

Loosely based on ''The Snow Queen'' by Hans Christian Anderson, ''Frozen'' tells the story of Elsa, a princess who has got the power of creating ice and snow. Whatever she touches turns into ice. One day, while playing with her younger sister, Anna, she unintentionally freezes Anna's brain. However, Anna is revived, and her memories about Elsa's magical power is erased. The King and Queen are advised to keep Elsa away from people, because her power will become stronger with the passage of time. The main doors of the palace are closed in order to conceal Elsa's power from the people, and even Anna is not allowed to meet her. Anna misses playing with Elsa, and after their parent's death, Anna is left all alone, while Elsa remains alone in her closed room.

Years pass; Anna turns into a beautiful, but immature and lively, young woman, and Elsa comes of age, and is crowed as the queen. Anna meets Prince Hans, and falls in love with, and tells Elsa that she wants to marry him. Elsa, however, denies to give them her permission, saying that one can't possibly fall in love with someone he met that very day. Shocked and angry, Anna takes off Elsa's gloves, and the power from Elsa's hands creates ice in that very ballroom, exposing her power to the guests. She then runs away from the palace, knowing that her power will now be publicly known. She is accused of being a ''sorceress''. Elsa runs away, and as she runs, the whole kingdom gets covered by ice, and gets frozen.

Anna thinks that the whole kingdom has got frozen only because of her, because she had taken off Elsa's gloves. She decides to find Elsa and convince her unfreeze the kingdom, and embarks on a adventerous, dangerous journey. And soon she finds three quirky traveling partners: a mountain man who has a business of selling ice (his business isn't running well, as people don't need the ice anymore, as the whole kingdom is now icy), his reindeer, and a very cute, talkative little snowman.

On the other hand, Elsa has made up her mind to use her power for herself, for her life. She doesn't want to stay with constant fear anymore. She creates her own ice palace, on a remote mountaintop, and thinks that this is life that can suit her...

Will Anna be able to find Elsa? And what kind of dangers and adventures will she come across in her journey?

This film was amazing, so sweet, so beautiful, really funny, and really emotionally intense at times! The characters are wonderful. Elsa and Anna are both very strong characters, and Olouf, the snowman, is so cute and some of his lines were really funny! The score was really great, and some of the songs were really memorable (especially ''Let It Go'', which has won the Academy Award for Best Original Song). 

It was a sweet, really memorable, funny and emotional film. I'd highly recommend it to those who like animated films, and also to those who want to watch a sweet and adorable film with a really great story and screenplay.

4.5 out of 5

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