Saturday, 22 November 2014

''Sparkling Cyanide''- Book Review

Author: Agatha Christie
Published: 1945

Genres: Novel, Crime, Mystery

Rating: 4 out of 5


...Rosemary, that's for remembrance.

Memories of Rosemary Barton haunt the six people who had been witnesses to a tragedy a year ago- Rosemary Barton, a beautiful, bubbly socialite, apparently committed suicide taking potassium cyanide, during her birthday party. A year has passed, but the memories of Rosemary- and those of that dreadful evening- haunt these six people. There is Iris, Rosemary's younger sister. There is George Barton, Rosemary's middle-aged husband. There is Ruth Lessing, George's secretary. Anthony Browne, one of the many men Rosemary was friends with. And finally we have Stephen Farraday and his wife Lady Alexandra Farraday. These six people think of Rosemary, and their associations with the high-spirited, beautiful, brainless woman. Rosemary is dead, but her memory, her very presence, clings on to them.

George Barton receives anonymous letters stating that Rosemary had actually been murdered- that it had not actually been a suicide. Being restless, George gets determined to find out the person who had murdered his wife. And the murderer must be one of the six people present in the birthday party.

Who had a motive for Rosemary's murder? Insights into the minds and thoughts of the six people give light to more possibilities, more motives, more complex circumstances. And when a second murder takes place, things seem to get way complicated...

The first part of this book was rather slow paced, and it was absolutely necessary, as we get insights into the minds of the six major characters, their backgrounds, their thoughts. We come to know what they thought about Rosemary. The characters are really well developed.

Psychologically intense, complex, and quite unpredictable- I really enjoyed this novel. I really did. It is definitely not the one of the best Agatha Christie novels I have read, but it was definitely fascinating, complex and unpredictable.

 4 out of 5


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