Monday, 10 April 2017

''Some Like It Hot'' (1959 film)- Review

Directed by: Billy Wilder
Released: 1959
Country: United States

Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Rating: 5 out of 5


I might say this every time I review a Billy Wilder film but it is such a delight watching his films! ''Some Like It Hot'' is a hilarious film: it is wacky and funny and it can also be, at the same time, very romantic.

''Some Like It Hot'' tells the story of two friends, Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) who are jazz players working in Chicago. After, for some reasons, they find themselves unemployed, they start looking for jobs, but the only job that is available requires only girls: it is a post in an all-girls' band. However, when Joe and Jerry accidentally witness a murder by a gang, they decide that they should leave the city as soon as possible as the gang, having seen them, is looking for them (they had managed to escape). They get an idea: disguising themselves as two girls- Joe calling himself Josephine and Jerry calling himself Daphne- they join the all-girls' band. The band is headed to Florida. Doing this, they secure for themselves not only jobs but also an opportunity to get out of the city. On the train, they become friends with a beautiful member of the band, Sugar- played by Marilyn Monroe. Sugar- who keeps saying that she is not very ''bright''- intends to marry a millionaire. Both men are attracted to Sugar (who does not know that they are actually men) and as soon as they reach Florida, hilarious, wacky things start happening.

The film was very funny, very funny indeed! From the time Joe and Jerry got on the train, there were very few moments in which I did not laugh! It kept me laughing, it did! There are so many funny things happening in the film concerning disguised identities, a very rich man having a yacht, a man disguising himself twice, and so many other things! 

The performances by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were very impressive. Marilyn Monroe was wonderful as well; I loved her performance so much! She portrays Sugar as coquettish, charmingly innocent (she is talking to someone pretending to be a ''rich man'', and the man asks her if she plays the stock market, and she replies that she plays the ukulele) and very romantic. Her character is so very sweet and memorable. And then there is Joe E. Brown, playing a very interesting and hilarious character indeed. It is Brown's character that says the last dialogue in the film, and this quote remains an iconic quote in film history.

Excellently directed, written and acted, ''Some Like It Hot'' is a very, very funny film! 

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  1. What a fun movie, this is. I had a blast watching it.