Tuesday, 9 May 2017

''The Seven Year Itch'' (1955 film)- Review

Directed by: Billy Wilder
Released: 1955
Country: United States

Genre: Romantic comedy

Rating: 4 out of 5


Billy Wilder's ''The Seven Year Itch'' starts with the narrator describing a practice among the native Americans living in Manhattan centuries ago. When summer came, they would send their wives and children to colder and comfortable places, while they would stay behind for their work. However, once their wives would go away, many of the men would become smitten by beautiful women. The narrator then tells us that the film has nothing to do with native Americans, but that the story would be set in the modern day Manhattan. 

The narrator implies that nothing much has changed in men in the present day Manhattan. Our narrator, Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) is a middle-aged man working for a publishing company. As it is summer, he sends his wife and son to Maine, but stays behind for his work. He tries his best not to feel attracted to women and not to smoke, but when a beautiful young woman (Marilyn Monroe) moves to an apartment in the same building, his determination is tested and he must now try his best not to become attracted to her.

''The Seven Year Itch'' is a very funny film. Richard is pretty paranoid and often expects the worst. His imaginations and fantasies are hilarious. There are scenes in which he imagines his attraction to his neighbor will be publicly revealed and he imagines hilarious consequences. The kind of background music heard in those scenes are music you would expect in a serious drama film or even, at times, in a thriller film. However, the film is not even close to being a serious drama: the film is very lighthearted. The background music reflects Richard's paranoia and it makes everything way more hilarious.

Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe are both wonderful in their roles. Monroe is charming and cute as the innocent neighbor Ewell is great in his role and the scenes in which his character talks to himself, imagining the consequences that can come if his attraction to his neighbor is publicly revealed, are hilarious. 

''The Seven Year Itch'' is a very entertaining and amusing film. A Billy Wilder film has, till now, never disappointed me. 

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