Sunday, 15 December 2013

''The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'' (1920 movie)- Review

Directed by: Robert Wiene
Released: 1920
Country: Germany

Genres: Horror, Mystery

Rating: 5 out of 5


I can't praise ''The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'' enough--- it was such a wonderful, haunting, memorable film, that kept me thinking about it for a long time. ''The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'' has a haunting and engrossing presentation, AMAZING set decorations, and cinematography. I loved the film.

The film starts with two people talking, one of them is our protagonist, Francis, and the other is an elderly man. A woman in a white dresses walks by, and Francis tells the old man that she is his fiance. Francis tells the elderly man about the strange and scary incidences that he and his fiance had experienced...

Francis and his friend, Alan, had gone to visit the town fair. A strange man, Dr Caligari was exhibiting something in the fair. He was exhibiting a somnambulist, named Cesare, who sleeps all day long. Only Dr Caligari can wake him, and Cesare can predict the future. The curious Alan asks Cesare a question: how long he (Alan) will live. Cesare replies that he will live till dawn the next day. Startled, Alan and Francis leave the fair, but soon forget Cesare's prediction.

That night, however, Alan is mysteriously killed... 

Francis guesses that Alan's death, along with another crime that recently occurred, is connected with Dr Caligari and Cesare... He searches for the truth behind these events... what is actually happening?

''The Cabinet of Caligari'' has an extremely memorable set decoration. The presentation is wonderful and haunting. As Dr Caligari, Warner Krauss is excellent. The character is presented in a very creepy way. Conrad Veidt, as Cesare, was creepy as well.

''The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'' is full of shocks, twists, and scares. It was so atmospheric, so haunting. The images are unforgettable, it's such a film  that is extremely engrossing and haunting. Another remarkable thing about the film is the blue that indicates the night scenes. 

The ending is certainly one of the most surprising endings that I have ever come across. I absolutely loved it.

With an extremely engrossing, scary, suspenseful and twisted story, wonderful presentation, set decoration and cinematography,  it's a very memorable film and I would highly recommend it, it's a must watch.

5 out of 5


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