Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals for 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

My top ten goals for 2014

1. Read more books from my TBR pile: Now that's one of the most common resolutions of the book bloggers! My TBR pile is also very big; there are a lot of books I need to read! I was delighted with my pace last year. I will not be able to read at that pace this year because of my JSC (Junior School Certificate) Exams, but still I plan to read quite a few books per month!

2. Watch more movies from my want-to-watch list: This is a big, very big list. There are so many films that I need to watch. I need to watch more Kurosawa, Fellini, Kubrick films. I also plan to watch several epic films. I made a list in 2013, with seven movies that I must watch by the end of the 2013. I watched only one (Gone with the Wind) from those seven movies. This year, I'm planning to watch the rest of the six movies as well.

3. To read more series books: When it comes to series books, I'm rather infrequent. In 2013, I completed only one series: The Hunger Games trilogy. I also started The Chronicles of Narnia in 2013 but finished it in 2014. So I need to read more series books! (I'm currently reading the Percy Jackson series).

4. Participate in memes: I occasionally participated in memes in 2013, I plan to keep it up in 2014 as well.

5. Blogging as frequently as possible: I will be taking a long blogging break from May/June to November/December, but until then I want to keep blogging as frequently as possible, with reviews, discussions, etc.

6. To remain healthy: I need to eat more vegetables and walk more! :P

7. To be better at Maths. Maths is one of my least favorite subjects, especially I'm horrible in Geometry! I need to give much more attention to my Maths!

I can't think of any more! This topic made me think hard, because I don't usually make resolutions for the new year. But I think these are my main resolutions.


  1. Awesome goals!
    I hope you complete every single one <3
    Good luck!
    Here's Our TTT
    Doris @ OABR