Friday, 26 December 2014

''Allegiant''- Book Review

Published: 2013
Author: Veronica Roth

Genres: Novel, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


''Allegiant'' is the final book in the ''Divergent'' trilogy.

After the death of Jeanine Matthews and the victory of the factionless, Evelyn takes up the duty of leading the city and the people, and abolishes the faction system, much to the displeasure of many people. Evelyn also declares that nobody will be allowed to go outside the city, defying the instructions found in the Edith Prior video at the end of ''Insurgent''. However, members of a rebel group, led by Cara and Tori, known as ''Allegiant'', defy the tyrant Evelyn's authority. Instead, they plan to go outside the city and discover how the people outside the city's borders need their help. Tris, Tobias, Christina, Peter, Caleb, Cara, Uriah and Tori decide to go outside the city's border, and they manage to do so. Outside the city, they come across shocking revelations: the greatest secrets about their entire lives, about their city. They come to know that what they had seen, their lifestyles all along were nothing but lies and made-up things. Throughout their lives they had believed, they had known certain things, but after leaving their city, they come across such strange revelations that makes them realize the truth behind everything, the truth behind the city, the confinement, the factions, and above all, the truth about themselves.

''Allegiant'' contains revelations, extremely important revelations. We come to learn the backgrounds of everything in the series in this novel. We come to know about the background of the city, the background and history of the things in the trilogy.

''Allegiant'' is indeed a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. While I really liked it, I didn't exactly love it in the way I loved it's predecessors. There are important revelations in this one, and it was wonderful to know get an insight on the past of the city, the real reason the city was formed, and the truth behind the faction system. The romance between Tris and Tobias is great in this one as well, with nothing becoming sappy, but is really emotional. The character development is excellent like it's predecessors. 

I have loved the ''Divergent'' series. I really admired the storytelling, the character development, the excellent emotional depth, the endless secrets and mysteries and the revelations! The ending of ''Allegiant'' was really good- I was in tears several times while reading the book. Overall, it is a good conclusion to the wonderful series. I really liked it.

3.5 out of 5

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