Thursday, 11 December 2014

''Insurgent''- Book Review

Author: Veronica Roth
Published: 2012

Genres: Novel, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance, Mystery

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Insurgent, the sequel to ''Divergent'', begins the very moment it's predecessor ended. Tris, Tobias (Four), Caleb, Marcus and Peter are on their way to the Amity compounds. They hope that the peaceful Amity will protect them- and help them during this extremely dangerous time. Though they are welcomed by the Amity, they have to leave the Amity compounds within days for certain reasons. They then take shelter with the factionless- and they come to know that the factionless are now organized against the injustice and tyranny of the Erudite. The once-organized factions have now fallen apart: Abnegation has been destroyed, with only a few members still living. Half of the Dauntless support the Erudite, and are known as ''Dauntless traitors''. The other half, not having been instigated by the Erudite, is residing with the Candor. The factionless, supported by the loyal Dauntless, are planning to take down the Erudite authority.

Tris has faced many tragedies. She has lost her parents. She had to kill one of her best friends, Will, in order to save herself. She does not know if Christina will ever forgive her. Tris has to face many more struggles, many more choices, many more difficult situations, many more hardships. Jeanine Matthews, leader of the Erudite, is hunting for the Divergents. And then there is a big secret, a big mystery: according to Marcus, there had been a certain information  that the Abnegation had been protecting, information that sheds light on the mysterious things that are beyond the city. Jeanine Matthews now possesses the information. This information is so vital, so important that it can change everything...

Oh well. What an exciting ride ''Insurgent'' was! I really loved it. Just like I had loved it's predecessor. It is action-packed, exciting, and with numerous twists and turns. And like it's predecessor, it also has everything: emotional intensity, great character development, romance, adventures, secrets, mysteries, revelations.

One of the things I am simply loving about this series is the great character development. There are simply so many memorable characters. Tris, Tobias, Christina. Tris is a remarkable heroine. She indeed is. Selfless, brave, and in spite of going through so much sufferings she fights on. An unforgettable heroine she is. I really liked the chemistry between Tris and Tobias.

And there are characters whose true colors are revealed in ''Insurgent''. There are characters who played minor roles in the first novel but play important roles in this one. I admired the excellent characterization.

In the previous novel, the main focus was on Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite, and in this one, Candor and Amity are well-explored as well.

There are twists and turns in this novel, culminating in an amazing cliffhanger ending. There are many secrets, many revelations in this one. Overall, with excellent characterization, mysteries, revelations and twists, ''Insurgent'' is an excellent sequel to ''Divergent''!

4.5 out of 5